GFG’s “secret” GF Flour Mix

GFG’s “secret” GF Flour Mix 
*While I often expand individual recipes with other flours, this is the base for just about everything I bake.
1 Part/Cup White Rice Flour
1 Part/Cup Brown Rice Flour
2/3 Part/Cup Potato Starch “Flour”
1/3 Part/Cup Tapioca Flour

13 thoughts on “GFG’s “secret” GF Flour Mix

  1. Great blog! I’m learning that the packaged flour mixes don’t taste as good as the ones I mix myself. Thanks for the info!

  2. I have not been able to locate fine brown rice flour locally. The brown rice flour I have purchased seems a little too heavy for baking. Do you use fine? Do you mill your own? My baking mix is very similar to yours, however, I use soya flour instead of brown rice flour. Thank you, Linda

    • When I was baking commercially I was able to get finely ground brown rice flour in 50 lb. bags from an organic supplier in New Hampshire. Now I’m relegated to Arrowhead Mills and Bob’s Red Mills, both of which I find too coarsely ground. Sometimes I’m able to find a finer grind in bulk at Whole Foods. This (problem) is one of the reasons I’ve been experimenting with mixes like Trader Joe’s (have asked them to offer theirs in greater than 16 oz. bags.) I want to try King Arthur’s GF Flour mix, but haven’t yet had the opportunity…. Will post when I do. In the meantime, I suggest sorghum and chestnut flours as alternatives….

      • Thank you for the information. I will try the sorghum. I am in Canada and we are so limited here. I might try the asian market too. Thanks again. Linda

        • Hey Linda! I’m in Kelowna, BC and get my supplies from the Oriental Market(OM) & the bulkfood store(B).
          OM has noodles, flours, GF sauces, international items (ie mexico, india, thai, japan, etc), a HUGE freezer (need fresh frozen ground coconut anyone) and rice varieties galore. As the restaurant is next door they also get the freshest veg & even fresh corn tortillas in a 90 count bag which I layer with wax paper and freeze for later use. The prices are great! B has the items I can’t get at OM. The grocery stores are VERY pricey so I generally stay away from them unless it’s meat, butter, etc. We have several green grocers (ie Quality Greens, Old Town, Choices) that have terrific selection & prices. Living in an agricultural zone means there are many Farmer’s Markets.Strawberry picking starts this weekend! We have two mid-sized freezers which are replenished yearly. I can and pre-make meals for those days your energy hits rock bottom. Since going WHEAT-FREE (and often it becomes GF) we are feeling much better. I have noticed the grocery bill is somewhat lower too. I have always cooked from scratch but now we are fueled and not just full. I have been keeping a list & photos of the recipes which work and don’t. It’s an adventure!

          • Sorry for the late reply. You’ve shared really helpful information.I am the same as you in a lot of ways. Just dehydrating apples from my tree today. Did berries last weekend. I live in Calgary – have a weekend place in the Crowsnest Pass where the apple tree is.Thanks again.

  3. Thanks for this flour recipe (and for the follow). Here in our house, we’ve taken to baking up a weekly batch of injera bread (essentially made of teff flour), which yields us a week’s supply of crepe-like flatbread which we use as the basis for sandwiches, but we do also make a variety of baked goods using other flours (mostly from the Bob’s Red Mill line). We’ll be sure to try out Gus’ ratio!

  4. Hey there! Potato starch and potato flour are two very separate things yielding very different results. Which are you using in the mix? Please answer quickly as we are jonesing to try the Rhubarb Tart. 🙂

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