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GF Restaurant Review: EL RAYO TAQUERIA – Portland, ME


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***  I’m glad I went, but…

**  At least you’re out of the house and someone else cooked

*  Save the time and money

El Rayo **** stars

101 York Street, Portland ME, 04102


We mentioned El Rayo as an aside to a recipe, so it makes sense to include it here.

  1. We’re big fans of founders/operators Cheryl Lewis and Norine Kotts!
  2. The karma and ambiance are excellent: colorful, lively, festive, informal, and the retro-cool factor is pretty high.
  3. I get “Smokey Potato Fritters” and “Mexico City Style Corn on the Cob” every time.  The corn is probably best when it’s in season, but a slathering of chipotle mayo and cotija cheese will transform just about anything!
  4. Gus loves the place!  There is a lot for him to eat at ER and “sister” La Cantina.
  5. I’m a native Californian who’s spent enough time in South Texas to have a preconception of Mexican food.  This crew does a good job with the chow, but I like my own guacamole, enchiladas, and tamales. (Look for recipes on the blog over time.)

4 thoughts on “GF Restaurant Review: EL RAYO TAQUERIA – Portland, ME

  1. We tried to place a huge catering order for over 240 people, (we are located in Scarborough off of Route 1); called the Scarborough location and was told “all that information is online…” as we were already speaking to the “manager” on the phone, we asked if it was possible to have this done within a couple of days as again this is over 240 people for a luncheon, his reply was “send an email to the head chef…” tried to email but it got returned. Lucky for us another Mexican restaurant in Portland delivered, set up, cleaned up and was more then happy to take our business!!

    • Hope you’ve communicated with El Rayo.Haven’t been to the new location, though I hear it’s popular and busy. Not certain I’d consider ER to cater such a large event and am glad you found a restaurant to take care of your needs.
      ~ Gus’s Mom

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