Monday Mantras

Monday Mantra: GF Cooking – it’s about love….


Gluten-free cooking is about love and creativity.  It’s about making the best of what we have and what we’ve been given.  An NYA faculty member once said of the school’s production of The Wizard of Oz in the dining hall: “for so long we’ve been doing so much with so little, now we think we can do everything with nothing.” Glinda “floated” in on a Razor Scooter hidden under her dress, and toddlers, zipped into tumble-weed spheres, rolled across the stage during the cyclone while a model of Dorothy’s house whisked overhead on clothesline. It was brilliant and beautiful.

The photo above was in the camera roll between Crunch Cake – and Cheesy Scones –  I took it of the flowers Peter gave me for Valentine’s Day.  In it I’m wearing the pants I often have on when I’m cooking.  (Because I’m “sharing,” I also took a photograph of my (former) L.L.Bean gardening pants. This is about love, not fashion.)

Reading my posts and experimenting with the recipes is a reflection of the regard you have for yourself and/or the GF people in your life.  Thank you for your willingness to go the extra mile.  Hopefully we’re learning together that we don’t need to disguise the (scooter). However, my recipe for GF Chocolate Chip cookies that could fool almost any conventional cookie aficionado, is on the docket!

Gonna put on the pants and get in the kitchen!

~ Gus’s Mom


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