What you do with the last of the roasted chicken

Last but not least: the "wish bone" set to dry

Last but not least: the “wish bone” set to dry

We roast a lightly brined organic chicken once every two to three weeks.  I dont’ truss or stuff, just cook it “low and slow”, basting as often as I can or remember to. The first night we carve meat off the breast, and maybe a thigh. After that the chicken goes into salads, sandwiches, curry, soup.  The remains of last week’s roast went into Nick’s Enchiladas (recipe coming soon!) and two cups of broth are in the freezer for later use.  The “Wish Bone” is tied in a bag on the counter to be delivered to my niece and nephew (12 and 13 year olds need all the luck they can get!)


7 thoughts on “What you do with the last of the roasted chicken

  1. Very resourceful. I think it’s even more satisfying to know you’ve used every last bit of meat, bone, skin, whatever to the best you could. It makes everything that much more delicious knowing there was as little waste as possible. Look forward to the enchilada recipe!

  2. Good for you for using up every bit of the chicken. What is the implement the wishbone is hanging on? Great photography!

  3. For me, roasting a chicken is like the first step in several days worth of alchemy. From all the uses of the meat to the magic-induced soup stock, my house is virtually held up by the rich aroma of chicken, herbs and spices. I also look forward to the enchilada recipe!

  4. Seems like we have the same idea for the leftovers…mexican food is always my go-to for that last bit of chicken. Tacos or enchiladas, usually with green sauce. Thanks for the inspiration!

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