Another favorite kitchen “tool”


I love using this drying rack!  It’s designed to stand or hang and collapses for storage in a drawer or under the sink.  Hanging baggies to dry always reminds me of a baby shower I went to hmmm… 24 years ago!  One gift Whitney received was a box containing plastic “Baggies”, a net bag, and special soap to clean them in the washing machine for re-use, plus a set of cloth diapers and their special soap.  Recycling programs were in their infancy (now we have curbside recycling!) Whit was expecting their second child – it was all she could do to wrap her head around how to manage a new baby, never mind washing the baggies.  Today we’re all fairly vigilant about plastic – it’s use and reuse.

Note: I also use the rack to dry bottles and as a stand to dry rubber spatulas which I separate to clean.  Get one for yourself; you’ll be happy you did!

P.S.  It’d make a great gift along with a box of plastic bags for the cook who has everything else 😉



11 thoughts on “Another favorite kitchen “tool”

  1. Fantastic. 1) Recycle/Reuse. Score! 2) it’s the thing from the photo. Cool! 3) You wrote a log about it. cLEVER!

  2. Hi! Thanks for visiting and liking my blog. I’ve never seen anything like this gadget either. When my mom washes and re-uses plastic bags, she puts them over a washed and re-used jam jar to dry. Her method works ok, but I must say it looks a lot less attractive on the counter.

  3. I think ti was originally for hanging your baby bottles and nipples on, so you didn’t go crazy digging them out of your dish rack. I love it for baggies. I wonder if Bed, Bath and Beyond has them?…

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