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Thinking ahead to April 1st ;-)


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Fool, surprise, and please with:

Uncle Howard’s Chocolate Ganache Tart

 If you haven’t already, make this for dessert on Monday, April 1st.  Coworkers, friends, and family will be happily fooled by your largesse! (Not because you aren’t generous, but because, well, ya know….)  This is sent in advance so you’ll be able to stock up on avocados that are certain to be ripe by Sunday night or Monday morning.

In case you need to hurry them along: . Also, 0ccasionally I notice that avocados at the market are unusually warm.  A produce manager once confessed that they microwave them to get them to ripen more quickly.  We don’t have a microwave in our kitchen (principle), but the warm ones I’ve purchased seem fine….


3 thoughts on “Thinking ahead to April 1st ;-)

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! It has been great taking a look at your recipes and ideas as my husband has Coeliac Disease, so we are mostly gluten free here too. Well, he is always GF but I have some gluten-filled products now and then.
    This choc-avocado tart looks delicious! The only thing is here in Melbourne (Australia), avocados are so expensive currently. Maybe nearly $3 each… So I might wait until the price drops before trying these tarts. But maybe you could send some of your leftovers? 😉

    • I recently found some tiny (individual) spring form pans. They’re perfect for experiments. I’m going to use ONE avocado today to try taking UH’s Ganache Tart in a different direction. If the avocados you’re seeing in the market are nice (and ripe) you might want to get just one and adjust the recipe accordingly, pressing the crust and layering the filling into small bowls or short glasses (see the recipe for White Chocolate Mousse Layered With Lemon Curd for the size of the glasses I imagine would work.) Whenever you make this for your friends and family, I think you’ll be rewarded!

  2. I just made this lovely tart again! Can’t thank you enough. Tofu block works well as a substitute, although tonight I used all avocado and topped it with blueberries. Yum!

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