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Monday’s Mantra – Dilbert

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“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” –  Scott Adams.

I’m not really a “Dilbert” fan, but I like what cartoonist Scott Adams had to say about mistakes. Several (OK – 10, maybe more) years ago I mashed the Thanksgiving Day potatoes within an inch of their lives.  The result was a creamy, gluey, ball of potato that tasted great (browned butter, salt, pepper, heavy cream: whaaaa!), but couldn’t be rescued.  I remembered that consistency when experimenting on a vegan pastry cream for fruit tart.

Channeling my inner Julia (she was an artist -I’m a pretender) I still very occasionally go for all the butter, sugar, heavy cream decadent decadent, but confess that successful gluten free, vegan, raw desserts can be every bit as decadent and delicious, and perhaps even more satisfying. If you haven’t already, try making  Plum Tart With Vegan Almond Pastry Cream.  If you really like the taste of almond, add a little extra extract.  If not, omit it and use vanilla extract. Either way, I think you’ll be intrigued and pleased by the ease and quality of this special dessert.


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