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Whoops, almost forgot: September 13, 2013 is National CD Awareness Day!

Plated with raspberries: delicious!

Almond Cake with Chocolate Ganache Icing

Tomorrow, September 13th is National Celiac Disease Awareness Day. An informal web search indicates the color for Celiac Support is green.  Lance Armstrong’s tribulations have tarnished wristbands as a statement, but they’re available for Celiac Support if it’s a fashion direction one wants to pursue.

My advice: bake something special for yourself, your family, schoolmates, or co-workers.  Whether you’re living with Celiac Disease, know someone who is, or you just have an interest in alternative diets and want to explore a gluten-free lifestyle, everyone will appreciate and/or be intrigued by the effort you make.

Chocolate Chip Cookies are universally popular.  Mix a batch of batter tonight, get up early to bake cookies tomorrow, and prepare to be praised, perhaps even embraced by those with whom you share them.

I wanted the title of this to be “Celiacs Are People Too”, but Gus is no more a “Celiac” than he is a “Diabetic”. I refuse to define him as a disease; he’s a young man living with Celiac Disease and Diabetes. I’m going to urge him to get a dozen GF cupcakes from Kara’s to share with friends before he takes off for Australia tomorrow evening. What a way to celebrate National Celiac Disease Awareness Day!


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