Monday Mantras

Monday Mantra – Happiness

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When Gus was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease and Type 1 Diabetes he often weighed their complications, wishing most for a cure for Celiac Disease: too bothersome and alienating to be consigned to such a restrictive diet. One couldn’t easily eat at friends’ houses, it was hard to watch teammates eat pizza at hockey or lacrosse parties. After a two week stint at a soccer festival outside Amsterdam Gus reported he’d never, NEVER, eat another Insalata Caprese – he’d had more than enough of this only safe option at most of the team’s food stops. Diabetes seemed easier: eat whatever you like, share meals with friends and family, just make certain to take enough insulin to cover the carbohydrates.

It’s taken years of practice and the often invisible efforts of many others who share the same dietary constraints to find grace and happiness in the practice of gluten-free cooking and eating. Some of our favorite meals have come from a determination to creatively use unusual ingredients in new ways. The GF (butterfly) may have already touched on your shoulder, but if not read our Top Ten Reasons to Go Gluten-Free which highlights some of the often overlooked benefits.

October is National Celiac Disease Awareness Month. Let’s use it as an opportunity to celebrate the understanding of the challenge we share and the ability to embrace and benefit from it.

With appreciation and compassion,

~ Gus’s Mom


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