Monday Mantras

Monday Mantra: “Don’t worry – be happy!”

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“Don’t Worry Be Happy”: eat more pie, at least just a little.

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A Canadian study reports we crave food we deny ourselves; the stricter we are, the more we desire (chocolate, ice cream, pie….) Consider indulging in a little bit of what you want this holiday season. Israeli scientists found that eating contraband sweets in modest amounts can actually help one lose weight.

My favorite holiday indulgence: Pan Forte. Stephen Lanzalotta used to make this traditional Italian (cake) at Sophia’s before he closed the beloved bakery/gallery. Try our gluten-free version for breakfast with cappuccino or after dinner with Port.

Note: Stephen has left Miccuci’s and will open Slab in Portland, Maine, where his amazing versions of pizza (made with conventional dough) will be available in March or April 2014. One version is to have a crust/wrap made with garbanzo bean flour. Fingers crossed it’s entirely gluten-free. Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Monday Mantra: “Don’t worry – be happy!”

  1. Great mantra. I’m looking forward to some modest indulgence in contraband during the rest of the holiday season (having already done some immodest indulging in the earlier part of it…ha!).

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