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Five Spice Paleo Pancakes: Naturally Gluten Free


 Hallie told us she checked out Maine Island Multigrain Pancakes to determine the what “grains” made up the flour mixture because her family was experimenting with “paleo” banana pancakes. Our conversation during a walk in the woods led to one of the easiest and most satisfying developments of a recipe in recent memory. Serve them with maple syrup for breakfast, nut butter for lunch, and fresh blueberry jam for dessert after dinner. The many batches we’ve made haven’t lasted long enough to determine whether they can be cooked and packed in a lunch box for later, but I can’t imagine why not.

There are 20 words for “balance” in the Sanskrit dictionary. One of them, “mApana”, is especially suited to the naming of our adaptation. Cinnamon, Turmeric, and Ginger are among the “super” spices. Cardamom, Cloves, and Nutmeg  round out the complement of tropical spices with physical and spiritual health benefits. Enjoy Banana mApana Pancakes secure in the knowledge that you’ll feel balanced, spirit, mind, body.

Note: over ripe bananas are higher in antioxidants, are easier to digest, and have a higher fructose content, but will make your batter a little thinner. Under ripe bananas are higher in starch, so more difficult to digest, often leading to bloating and/or gas. Something to think about….

Banana mApana Pancakes (Makes 2 cups of batter, serving 4)

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3 small ripe bananas broken into 2-3 inch pieces (should be just right, not too over or under ripe)

3 medium eggs

1 tablespoon coconut mana

1 tablespoon macca powder

1/2 teaspoon fresh grated ginger root

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder

1/8 teaspoon  each cardamom, cloves, fresh grated nutmeg, and sea salt

Coconut oil or Ghee (Indian clarified butter) for cooking the pancakes


1.  In a large glass mixing bowl combine the banana pieces, eggs, coconut mana, and maca powder. Use a hand-held stick blender to mash and then process the ingredients until smooth.

2.  Measure the spices and salt into a small bowl. Add to the batter followed by the grated fresh ginger. Continue processing until smooth.

3.  Heat a skillet to medium heat. Add a little coconut oil or ghee to coat the pan.

4.  Use a tablespoon measure to drop rounds of batter onto the prepared pan. Cover for 30 seconds to quick- steam the tops whilst the bottoms brown. Flip the pancakes and finish uncovered, another minute or two.

Serve these delicate, delicious pancakes with maple syrup, nut butter and/or jam or fruit compote.




9 thoughts on “Five Spice Paleo Pancakes: Naturally Gluten Free

    • Coconut Mana is coconut “butter” made dried coconut flesh. At room temperature it’s the consistency of dense nut butter (think of the density of the bottom inch of the peanut butter jar.) “Nutiva” is a brand carried by Whole Foods in the baking aisle. The pancakes will work without it, but we find mana adds body, structure, and excellent flavor. Good luck!

  1. These look great, but I don’t know what coconut mana is, nor where to get it. Could you help me with this?

  2. You can make your own coconut mana in a food processor – just dump a bag of unsweetened coconut in the FP and let it run till you have a thick paste-like substance. It works best if you make a large amount at a time rather than trying to just make half a cup or so.

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