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Tuesday Tip: Eat Pie!

Jill at The Maine Pie Co.

More good news for people who eat a GF diet (or love someone who does) and live around Greater Portland: Jill Miller started The Maine Pie Company.

Gus didn’t like pie as much as the rest of the family, so creating a successful fool proof GF crust wasn’t an early priority. Still, since his diagnosis in 1998 we wanted at least pecan and pumpkin pies the whole family could enjoy during the holiday season. I flirted with GF crust recipes, GF crust mixes, and pre-made GF crusts before coming up with a recipe that rarely fails: Gus’ Best Gluten Free Pie Crust.  But unless you’re doing it consistently, baking pies is still a labor of love. This is where Jill comes in.

The Maine Pie Co.’s beautiful, delicious pies are available in the freezer section at Whole Foods in Portland. (Start lobbying now for greater distribution.) Strawberry-Rhubarb and Blueberry are seasonal favorites. Jill’s Peach Pie comes with a crumb topping. $17.99 each causes sticker shock only until one considers the quality, care, and time that goes into creating each one. And the crusts…?  Incredibly tasty and well made! I couldn’t be happier about Jill’s pies and more grateful that she’s made the effort to bake them for all of us.


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