Tuesday Tip: 1:34 that could change the way you shop

A cell from CoopSverige's short video on the use of pesticides

Arghhh! “Monsanto Makes Bid To Go Big In Pesticides”, offering $45 billion for Swiss rival Syngenta, the world’s largest seller of pesticides. Looks like initial overtures have been rebuffed, but big companies are still making big money on the production and sale of bug and weed killing chemical cocktails.

Watch this short video illustrating findings by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute, ILV. You’ll be bolstered by choices you already make or may change the way you shop.

Some pesticides at some levels may be safe for humans. Some chemicals are naturally occurring in some fruits and vegetables. Some “organic” fruits and vegetables have been treated with “safe” herbicides. And yes, this video was sponsored by an organic food company…. Disclaimers aside, we have a choice about the food production and preparation practices we support.

P.S. Still giving bees a chance and not picking dandelions, though we’re seeing mostly bumbles and few honeys.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: 1:34 that could change the way you shop

  1. Good for you to be on top of this and broadcast the message. Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow! MG

  2. Thank you so much for posting the video… pesticides should NOT be in our bodies! The essay is a great reminder…we’re on the same page 🙂

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