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Tuesday Tip: Juice and Dirt, something for you and something for Mother Earth

Fresh "Orange" Juice

Fresh “Orange” Juice

1. If you’ve been reading along you know that the U.N. declared 2015 The International Year of Dirt. OK, “Soils”, The International Year of Soils, which doesn’t sound as fun, but is important.

2. Last year Nathaniel purchased a Omega juicer for the house. He was making mostly prescriptive looking and tasting “green” juices, sometimes adding enough lemon, mint, ginger root, and/or beets to lead this horse to (green juice). I was, however, determined to reconstitute the bowls of processed carrots, kale, collards, spinach into something… anything. It all looked perfectly prepped for soup or soufflé. But I couldn’t add enough curry, cream, or eggs to make satisfying dishes. So I reconciled myself to the waste.

3. We composted it: arghhhh.

4. Before he left for the wilds of Wyoming Nate demonstrated how easy it is to assemble, use, dissemble, and clean our Omega. I’ve been juicing ever since.

5. Composting the processed fruit and vegetable leftovers, layering it with dirt and seaweed, is extremely rewarding. After all, this is the year of soils, and top soil appears to be going the way of all things. But I’m hopeful about the batch I’m cultivating for next spring.

6" of thin and getting thinner topsoil

6″ of thin and getting thinner topsoil

This morning’s juices:


1/2 large Chioggia Beet, washed

2 orange carrots from the garden, washed

1/2 local Granny Smith apple, washed

1/2 organic lemon, washed

1 inch fresh organic ginger or turmeric root, washed

Optional: 1/2 teaspoon local Bee Pollen added to the juice


The other half of the large Chioggia Beet, washed

1/2 Granny Smith apple

All the greens from the two carrots, washed

3 large JUST PICKED (so squeaky) leaves of organic chard

1/2 organic lemon

1/2 inch organic ginger

six 8″ stems fresh picked mint – leaves on

Optional: a little Spirulina powder stirred into the juice







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