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COMING SOON: “Only The Good Stuff Granola”


Life has been busy and complicated. We’re cooking a lot, but serious toe dragging has put a crimp in recipe production. Three things conspired me to get back on the (horse).

  1. Years ago Gus’s brother, Nathaniel, asked me why granola couldn’t made of only the “good stuff.” We’ve been making semi-weekly variations of (paleo + granola = “paleola”) for the last year. Grain-free, so naturally GF, we can’t keep it in the pantry. A recipe for “Only the Good Stuff Granola”will appear soon.
  2. Gus’s other brother, Nick, started writing a healthy eating/living inspired blog: estreetsoapbox. Work to date is outstanding. The essay posted yesterday is about healthy swaps for 5 favorite sweet treats. Nick’s busy… production is limited and slow. To provide incentive I offered to tag team; as soon as this is posted he’s “it.”
  3. Yesterday I received a wonderfully ingenious food inspired short video from a friend. Take the 2.5 minutes. You won’t be sorry.

That’s it for today;-)


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