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Stonewall Kitchen Chocolate Brownie Mix


Gluten Free Product Reviews

*****  Excellent

****  Very Good

***  Good

**  Fair

*  Don’t Bother


Stonewall Kitchen Chocolate Brownie Mix – ***** Stars

I’m meeting Uncle George and his friend in Kittery for lunch tomorrow.  Geo’s driving up from Rhode Island; he suggested I get a ride from Ned whose coming down from Bailey Island.  I demurred because I want the flexibility to make a few stops on the way back to Portland.  Number one on my list is the Stonewall Kitchen complex in York.

If you haven’t been, go, if only because that’s the only place I’ve seen their GF Brownie Mix for sale other than from their website. The company has come a long way from stirring jam on the kitchen stove top with a view out the window of a stonewall. I encourage anyone interested in food, entrepreneurship, Maine, design, and customer service to make the stop.  Yep, it’s a little corporate, but they do an excellent job.

Back to brownies: This is a product that’s easy to use, and has wonderful flavor and consistency.  There is almost nothing about it that would lead one to suspect its gluten free or made from a mix.  You and all your guests will be satisfied with the results.  An old trick to disguise the taste of conventional packed brownie mix was to use strong coffee in place of the water, and add ½ – 1 Cup good quality chocolate chips.  Neither is necessary when using Stonewall’s mix.


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