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Honey, honey!


Suza brought honey themed hostess gifts to our Easter Sunday luncheon.  (Was it Emily Post who said: take something when you go as a guest, and send a note after you’ve been? Whoever, it’s advice to which I try to adhere: .)

The most intriguing is scented hand “lotion” in a spouted stoneware pot.  One lights a wick before washing the dishes, and pours a little melted (lotion) into one’s palms when finished.  It’s brilliant, adding beauty and promise to a usually dull chore. The pot will be useful for serving cream, honey, syrup, or containing fresh herbs and flowers.

The most tasty is a jar of Blackberry Honey dated Summer 2012.  It gives me pleasure to sample some of last summer’s harvest, imagining the bees at work on our blackberry and raspberry bushes which were loaded with berries and are now a promise of July and August 2013.

P.S.  WRT to Emily Post: a thank you note from Suzanne and her family arrived vis USPS two days after our gathering.

Support The Honey Exchange – you (and your hosts) will be glad you did!

Enjoy the experience!


8 thoughts on “Honey, honey!

  1. This is great! I wish I could buy some of their items but as I live in Australia, we’re not allowed to import any honey. However, one day when I visit Maine, I will check the shop out.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Honey is my absolute favorite ingredient in everything! This looks wonderful. I’d be the happiest hostess if someone brought me a bunch of honey themed items.

  3. That is awesome!! Honey is one of nature’s natural remedies…and truly good for you in so many ways. I want to go buy one! And yes, I work in publishing and Emily Post did say that. 🙂

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