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Chocolate, Chapter 2


Just when it seems there is nothing more to say about chocolate, there is more to say about chocolate! Fair-trade, “bean to bar”, cacao content… we’re all learning that there is chocolate after M&Ms. But let’s admit that a small handful of M&Ms can take one right back to elementary school and Halloween? And yep, excepting M&M Pretzels, they’re GF: .

In anticipation of Mother’s Day we offered Mom’s Kiss on Kiss, our take on a popular old fashioned custard and chocolate cream, and Gammy’s Chocolate Ice Box Dessert, decadent chocolate mousse poured into a GF poundcake lined glass bowl. While the week wasn’t all about chocolate, it did make us think. So in no particular order because they all have their special qualities:

Chocolate, Chapter 2

Sarah brought me chocolate from the UK: a package of Venezuelan Gold from Willie’s Artisan Chocolates:


At about the same time Dori gave me two bars of San Francisco’s Poco Dolce’s Olive Oil Sea Salt Chocolate, also excellent: . I’d splurge on chocolate from either company again.


And, Dad sent me home from Palo Alto with a 2 lb. box of assorted See’s Chocolates’s_Candies. Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffet added this west coast chocolate company to (his) portfolio for a reason: old fashioned, consistently good, well made assortment of treats – almost comfort food. It pleases me that our Made-in-Maine sons can navigate a box without the diagram almost as much as the fact that the Book Group gals delved down to the bottom layer as the box circled the table three times!

To be continued….


7 thoughts on “Chocolate, Chapter 2

  1. I love Willie’s chocolate! The have a special ones for cooking especially and they make my chocolate cakes super rich 🙂 I emailed them some time ago and they confirmed that no gluten is used in their kitchen so they are safe for those on gluten free diets too 🙂

  2. Oh I’m so excited to hear that Willie is still doing chocolate! I saw a doco a couple of years ago about his journey to chocolatier, and I’ve always wanted to try. Now to find friends travelling to the UK anytime soon…

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