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Less is More – favorite bowls


The square Duralex Storage Bowls in our cupboard get washed every day. Their round bowls used to be the service work horses, and we still use them, but there is something satisfactory about a square glass bowl.  I had trouble tracking them down until I discovered that they’re sold for food storage and come with lids.  (I sort of wish I hadn’t thrown the lids away because one can always use one more small container with a lid, but my intention was to use them only as bowls.)

When I did find them (arghhh: Amazon!), I ordered the 5.3 ounce size by mistake. What would one ever do with such a small bowl? Yet it’s these that are in and out of the sink most often. Julia Child’s “Everything in moderation… including moderation” is a credo by which to indulge. A dollop of greek yogurt, two sliced strawberries, golden raisins, and a spoonful of sunflower seeds looks like a mountain of breakfast in a 5.3 oz. bowl. A single  scoop of Ben & Jerry’s “Karamel Sutra” looks like a decadent portion.

They are inexpensive, sturdy, functional, and… French, the closest I’m going to get to The Continent this, and probably the next few years.

Get yourself some small glass bowls.  You’ll be glad you did!


Individual portions of Uncle Than’s Lime Vegan Lime “Cheesecake” in small glass bowls from Crate & Barrel.


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