Monday Mantras

Monday Mantra – Einstein


“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”
― Albert Einstein

We’ve been experimenting with alternatives to traditional yeasted gluten free pizza crust. One made with cauliflower was tasty and sturdy enough for toppings, but not as crispy as we’d have liked.  A delicious sweet potato crust was caramelized and crispy at the edges, but mushy towards the center. The crust we use for quiche works, especially for TexMex toppings, but is a little dense.

Oven, grill, pan? Parchment paper, stone, baking sheet? Olive oil, corn meal? Vegan? Lactose free?  The permutations and combinations can be challenging. Happily the mistakes are usually more than edible. We’ll share as soon as we’re satisfied.

A recent recipe for Fresh Fruit Tart with Raspberries and Blueberries made with a “Super Fruit” crust is reflective of a new philosophy about gluten free cooking:  preparation of successful dishes with GF ingredients that don’t pretend to be “conventional.”  However, I confess: we have scone, pie, and shortcake recipes in line that will satisfy urges for butter, whipped cream, and brown sugar. And if that’s what floats your boat:

Warm out of the oven

Warm out of the oven

‘Tis the season: Gus’s Gluten Free Blueberry Scones


5 thoughts on “Monday Mantra – Einstein

  1. I’m looking forward to you finding a pizza base you are happy with and sharing your success.
    It is one of the food items that my children, on occasion, do miss.

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