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Monday Mantra: The Power of One

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The Power of One – The Power of You

Ask, and eventually you (or someone) will receive.

Last week I had toasted piece of Udi’s Sandwich Bread at Rocky Wold Deep Haven , a family vacation spot on Squam Lake in New Hampshire. Number One: didn’t know Udi’s makes a larger loaf, never having seen it at our local markets in New England and California. Because the “sandwich” loaf is larger, perhaps baked in smaller batches, or the recipe is different… whatever, it was remarkably better than their smaller loaf. Second, I’m told that this is the first summer the RWDH kitchen has offered gluten-free breads, bagels, and rolls; people must have been asking. Third, Squam is an excellent summer destination; book a week if you can carve one out.

For the last 15 years we’ve consistently asked restaurants, cafes, pizza joints, and breakfast places if they offer gluten free baked goods whether or not Gus is with us.  I figure requests will eventually carry sufficient weight to convince a chef or kitchen manager to make an adjustment. Otto Pizzeria added house-made GF crust a couple of months ago. When they opened in Falmouth 10 years ago,  Ricetta’s  agreed to put toppings on GF crusts we brought in; it didn’t take them long to stock them.

Prime Roast Coffee in Keene, New Hampshire, is the kind of place that should have more than one delicious gluten-free pastry, however their only GF offering is rice pudding.  I’m certain it’s delicious, but when the around-the-corner, just-opened (and very cool) Monadnock Food Co-op, bakes GF scones and muffins daily, the gauntlet has been thrown down. Independent (and very cool) Prime Roast needs to up their game.  At least I asked. Should have asked the Rocky Wold kitchen staff if they had a GF dedicated toaster: someone needs to ask.

P.S.  The Power of One was Nate’s middle-school summer reading list. He recommended it to the rest of us as the best book he’d ever read. We’ve all read it, Gus three or four times, most recently last summer. Unquestionably a winner.


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