Product Review

Sharpen your knives


People who love to cook appreciate sharp knives. I noticed Wicked Sharp at the Falmouth Farmers’ Market a couple of weeks ago and made a mental note to take ours next time around. I can’t believe I don’t treat myself to professional knife sharpening more often. Casco Bay Cutlery and Kitchenware, formerly Freeport Knife has done an excellent job in the past, and I have a friend who swears by her local market’s butcher who does her knives for free while she shops, but it was immensely satisfying to turn my utensils over to David who estimated it’d take 30 minutes. So we strolled from stand to stand selecting freshly harvested produce.

David also sharpens serrated knives, Cusinart blades, garden shears, axes, and mower blades. I’ll drop our indoor and outdoor shears off at his home shop near Scratch Baking Co. whose knives he also tends to.

Put professional knife sharpening on your wish list, better, get it done for yourself this weekend.  It’s gluten-free, calorie-free and you’ll enjoy the results for months.


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