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Top Ten Kitchen Tools and Accessories

She didn't have, but you can...

Gift giving season is year around. Below is a list of of our favorite kitchen items, things we use weekly if not daily. Some we’ve recommended before and at least one may require patient searching, but all will make a difference in the kitchen, and be a welcome birthday, housewarming or hostess gift.

1.  French Lily Pad Food Storage Covers: effective, attractive, smart, re-useable, and come in a variety of sizes and designs.

2.  Wooden Plastic Bag and Bottle Dryer: dry baggies, rubber spatula tops, plastic bottles, pastry tubes and nibs. You’ll be surprised you lasted this long without one.

3.  Paderno Tri-Blade Vegetable Slicer: Veggie Pasta! Gluten-free, healthy, easy, a surprisingly wonderful addition to our kitchen in 2013.

4.  Apple Corer-Peeler: effective, easy, fast, satisfying, great for kids and the serious cooks – L.L. Bean ships it for free!

5.  Glass storage bowls/containers – order six – 8 small ones and use them for discreet portions of dessert. Flexible storage in safe glass containers.

6.  Julienne Peeler: use this every day to julienne carrots for morning Miso Soup. Travel to weekend house parties with one in my luggage and often leave it for the hostess. It’s also useful prepping carrots for fresh spring rolls.

7.  Vintage Hamilton Beach Juicer – check ebay periodically.  Trust us on this – everyone we know who has experienced one loves it! Or order a “restaurant grade” one from Hamilton Beach.

8.  Krups Coffee Mill – grinds coffee, spices, and seeds and nuts to augment our GF flour combinations.

9.  Kitchen Aid – every kitchen should have one.  Cooks Illustrated profiles it as one of the best and best values.

10. Cuisinart Food Processor – many professional chefs eschew modern food processing, but we use the Cuisinart almost every day.

And if all else fails: Professional Knife Sharpening – if you or the cook in your life has everything else, sneak the knives to your local professional knife sharpener for a tune up. Might want to fess up so everyone in the household knows the knives are razor sharp….


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