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Lunch box food storage

Yogurt, fruit, and granola

Easy, inexpensive, “green”…. BNTO’s canning jar lunch box adaptor is genius. Think how much fun it will be to pull six individual salads with dressing, cheese and homemade GF crackers, or portions of granola and yogurt out of your picnic basket. The design is inspired by a Japanese bento box with the benefit of using containers almost every home kitchen usually recycles. Start planning your next outdoor gathering!


8 thoughts on “Lunch box food storage

  1. These are great! Why did I not think of that? Thank you for sharing! So often our dressings and dips leak all over our lunch bag. My kids are now beginning to scowl when I pack these things in their lunch bags for school. I will definitely be looking for them here in Canada, perhaps at Terra 20.

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