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Monday Mantra: Good things come to those who wait


Fresh corn tortillas

… and possibly those who agitate (see Monday Mantra: Are We There Yet?)

If we vote with our pocket books, the this household has been marking the ballot for organic, non-GMO corn for over a year. The few ears we were able to purchase at Whole Foods at the end of August were small, a little pathetic looking, and slightly wormy. Monsanto would have smiled: “told ya!”

A couple of weeks ago we found Pachanga Tortilleria’s “fresh stone ground corn tortillas made with Maine grown and heritage varieties of corn.” Can’t tell you how happy we are about this. I’m looking forward to visiting owner and operator Lynne Rowe and giving her a big hug! Her tortillas are delicious and plug a big ol’ hole in this kitchen’s Maine-Mex offerings!



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