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Tuesday Tips: Local Organic Flowers if you can!


Those of you who baked and ate cake last week, or at least read about it, know that Peter and I celebrated an anniversary earlier this month. While I didn’t get (didn’t WANT) diamonds, I did receive a magnificent bouquet of organic, sustainably grown flowers. Megan, the owner and founder of Field Sustainable Floristry amassed a wonderfully creative collection of locally grown flowers that blew my socks off. In flowers, as in food, that’s not easy to do. The strand of maroon pompoms IS A FLOWER!

Why Field?

1. The flowers were so fresh they practically spoke. A week later they still look great.

2. Blossoms and buds travelled from fields around greater Portland not across the country or world.

3. I can compost the arrangement when the time comes in our organic bins – the flowers are organic!

4. We supported a local business person who supports local business people, and Megan was very nice.

5.  The flowers are gorgeous – need I say more?

If you don’t have a similar business near you, think about starting one… or suggesting someone else start one.


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