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Tuesday Tip: Shop Local

Bixby Bars Ingredients

Shop-local movements are organizing around the country. We’re beginning to understand it’s in our interest to frequent independent businesses on Main Street, Anywhere, USA. One’s power as a socially responsible buyer is undeniable. Supporting local merchants translates to investment in our communities.”A rising tide floats all boats”: prosperous neighbors lead to stronger municipalities. Sure it’s easier to have shoes delivered by Zappos almost before I order them, but Mr. and Mrs. Zappo don’t purchase gluten free cookies at the lacrosse team bake sale or get their lobster from Harbor Fish Market.

Last week Kate McAleer of Bixby & Co. Craft Chocolate offered samples of artisan gluten-free chocolate bars at Whole Foods in Portland. Her inspired flavor profiles and commitment to quality and community must be making employees and customers in Rockland, Maine proud. (I know they’re making me happy!) Yes, they cost $ 2.99 each, but her entrepreneurship is worth supporting. A care package containing 6 Bixby Bars is on it’s way to Stanford; they ought to temper Gus’s mid-term blues!




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