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More on Kitchen Muses


Hanging up the wine glasses I noticed that Peter accessorized our wooden artist model  not featured in an earlier (musing) about kitchen muses. He/she is running next to the bar sink with a cork from a bottle of wine from Pride Mountain. The trek  up Spring Mountain outside St. Helena, CA is worth the view and the tour. While her head gear sometimes changes the model usually sports a one ounce glass measure used for constructing cocktails.

On February 14th she’s usually got a wired ribbon (scarf) tied to her neck waving behind as she (leaps) across the counter holding a foiled wrapped heart.  A decorated hollowed egg might dangle from a ribbon attached to his wrist at Easter, notes about where to meet for a walk or when to feed the dog are often tucked against the stand, and so on….

This artist model is a reminder of the importance of love, art, and humor in the kitchen.  Get one for your favorite cook. And if that’s YOU, go forth and (bake) with the satisfaction of knowing you notice and appreciate all that goes into what’s happening in the kitchen.



One thought on “More on Kitchen Muses

  1. haha, your little model is quite an avid runner! I have one at home as well: definitely a girl since she asked for a knitted dress and works her way in front of my camera all the time! Good fun! Johanna

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