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WOW! One of the best new Gluten-Free breads on the market


Yesterday we had the pleasure of trying Sweet Christine’s sandwich bread. The GF Bread “ball” has been hit outta the park! It is rare to find a gluten free loaf that is satisfactory unless it’s warm from the oven or it’s been sliced and toasted. Sweet, sweet Christine has accomplished something special. The bread from her bakery is good right out of the bag.

Those of you in and around Pennsylvania: well played!  Visit Christine’s website to determine if her bakery is near enough to visit or other outlets where you can purchase her bread and baked goods. The rest of us in the U.S. can order on-line by clicking HERE.  Apologies to those who are further flung; I’m certain GF bread artists are at work in your hometowns developing or having developed equally satisfying gluten free breads.  If Sweet Christine’s is any example, the future of readily available delicious GF bread is bright!

1.  If you’re eating a gluten free diet you’re already used to sticker shock.  It should come as no surprise that Christine’s large (8.5 x 4 x 4.5), good looking loaf of bread costs $ 8.00 plus shipping.  It will last a week refrigerated and 9 months in the freezer.

2. Bread making is out of my wheelhouse.  When a recipe calls for yeast, I want to turn the page.  I can make decent pizza dough. And yes, our Hot Cross Buns are amazing – make them next Easter. But those who consistently practice bread baking, and take it to the next level are artists.

3.  Our best taste testers don’t usually eat a gluten free diet.  They’re much tougher to please, so when they like something, you know it’s good.

4.  We don’t have to eat a gluten free diet, though we do to support Gus and because we feel better when we do. So if one who who appreciates artisanal conventional bread raves about a GF loaf, get the $ 8.00 out of your pocket.

5.  I would never, NEVER, prepare a sandwich with GF bread without grilling or toasting it.

6. But I will now!  I can’t wait to have a loaf sent to Gus to take to The Village Cheese House in Palo Alto so they can make him a VCH “Old Fashioned”.

VILLAGE CHEESE HOUSE “OLD FASHIONED” SANDWICH – makes one sandwich that could probably serve two, but if you’re sandwich-starved….


3 slices of Sweet Christine’s Traditional White Sandwich Bread – room temperature

6 ounces shaved smoked turkey breast

4 ounces shaved Jarlsberg Cheese

VCH “Secret Sandwich Sauce”: 1/4 cup mayonaise, 1 tablespoon prepared mild mustard (Gulden’s?), 1 tablespoon sweet green relish (Stonewall Kitchen’s or Wickles): whisk together with a fork.


1.  Spread VCH Secret Sauce on one side of two pieces of bread and both sides of the third.

2. Place a slice of bread (un-sauced side down) on a cutting board. Layer half the shaved turkey, half the cheese, and cover with the “two-sauced” slice.

3.  Layer the remaining turkey and cheese, cover with the remaining slice of bread, and press firmly.  Cut into quarters and serve.

Note: The Village Cheese will make this, any of their other “traditionals”, or newer sandwich combinations if you supply the GF bread.


10 thoughts on “WOW! One of the best new Gluten-Free breads on the market

  1. Darn! PA is too far for me to go to get Christine’s bread, but I’ll definitely try the recipe..I wonder what would happen if I used Wasabi in the Mayo mix?

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  3. I have been searching and attempting a good gf bread for years, to no success. I look forward to trying this bakery! We were recently in Italy, and while staying at Parco San Marco, we were brought fresh out of the oven gf bread at every meal that was amazing. I’m trying to convince them to give me the recipe!

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