Monday Mantra: Let food be thy medicine…

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food.” It’s all coming into focus, and yet it’s always been so, well at least since Hippocrates said it sometime before 370 BC.

The virtues of eating pumpkin seeds have long been promoted.  These days folks are talking pumpkin flesh.

1.  It’s pumpkin and squash season. They’re at farm stands, farmers’ markets, and supermarkets.

2.  Pumpkin seeds are featured in our Rockycoast Pumpkin Seed Crisps, but they can be incorporated into granola and sprinkled on yogurt.

3.  Vitamin A, A, A.

4.  Beta-carotene.

5.  Glycemic index: low carbohydrate content in pumpkin offsets its high GI value, resulting in a lower effect on blood sugar than its GI ranking might indicate. Read more.

6.  And it’s not all about us humans: pureed pumpkin can be helpful for canine digestive problems. We’re not giving Jazz pie, though she’d love it, but anecdotal evidence supports a variety of on-line research we’ve done.


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