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Best Gluten Free Sourdough Boule: Cate’s!

Sourdough Boule

I am very good at what I do – just pulled a beautiful fragrant GF Citrus Olive Oil Cake out of the oven.  But, BUT, yeast is not my friend, so our successful crusty, chewy bread recipes are few. I confess to not having cultivated the relationship carefully, preferring to spend time with cookies and scones. Those of you who read along will have noticed Paleo, Raw, and Vegan trends which largely neglect yeast.

As a result it was with pleasure, excitement, and pure joy that we discovered Cate’s Bake Shop, in Napa, California, offering the most delicious and satisfying gluten free breads we’ve tasted since Gus’s diagnosis 16 years ago. Outstanding is the White Cheddar Black Pepper Boule, though I’m certain the Sourdough Boule is just as good. (Both are en route to Stanford.)

Gus is the only one in our family restricted to a GF diet, making the rest discerning taste-testers. Cate’s cookies and crackers were excellent, but the group reaction to the bread is what prompted a call to congratulate and thank this special start-up.

Prepare for sticker shock and remind yourself that you and/or your loved ones are worth it: the Cheddar Boule will set you back $14.00 – the Sourdough Boule is $10.00. Shipping adds to the cost if you’re not able to swing by to pick up an order, but remember: you’re worth it!



One thought on “Best Gluten Free Sourdough Boule: Cate’s!

  1. Waw, that bread looks great & very inviting too! Yum yum yumm!
    We can only dream of a Gf bakery in Belgium with good quality GF breads let alone very specialized savory Gf breads etc! 🙂

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